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Image by Annie Spratt


Life is the flowers.

Flowers bring another level of life, color, dimension, and movement to a home.  They have so much more power than you may realize or even think about. Flowers lift our spirits, make us smile or make us remember. They have the ability to make you feel loved, important, valued, and appreciated. During these uncertain, incredibly hard, and unpredictable times we need to be reminded of the beauty that still exists outside the walls of our home. We have been forced to slow down, take a step back, reevaluate what is most important to us. We are spending more time than ever in our homes, and in our spaces with our families.  We are having people over, enjoying the company of others, staying in one place. We are more conscious of making the everyday meals memories. We are trying to soak it all in by taking better care of ourselves, learning to be more present and appreciate the smaller, simpler moments.


Here we are, with so many things beyond our control. Do not wait for “I’ll wait to buy flowers next week for _____,”, life is short, and unpredictable. Buy the flowers. Enjoy them. Right here and now. Make your home as beautiful as you have always dreamt it to be. I want to help you with that!


In my home I love one big arrangement on my kitchen island, the heart of our home and where we spend the most time, but I also LOVE smaller arrangements scattered throughout the house. I put them in the unexpected and often overlooked places.  


The Texas Poppy will bring you a mixture of fresh, premium, seasonal, and unique flowers beautifully arranged to display all over your home! Not only for your dining room table… put them in your home office, on your bedside table, guest powder rooms or just wherever you need an extra smile. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us! We look forward to delivering a little extra joy and beauty to your home.

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